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    Xiamen tungsten group

      Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. is a group-type joint stock company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with Fujian Metallurgy Holding Co., Ltd. as the controlling shareholder. The company was formerly known as Xiamen Alumina Plant, which was founded in 1958, began to produce tungsten products since 1982 and changed its name to Xiamen Tungsten Products Factory in 1984. Later in December 1997, Xiamen Tungsten Products Factory was entirely restructured into Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. by means of sponsorship. The company’s stocks were listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2002. Now, the company’s capital stock totals 681.98 million shares. Moreover, our company is a National Key High-tech Enterprise, a National Torch Plan Tungsten Material Production Base and one of China’s First Demonstration Enterprises that Developing Circular Economy.

      We mainly produce, sell and develop tungsten concentrate, tungsten and molybdenum intermediate products, powder products, wires, plates, cemented carbide, cutting tools, all kinds of rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth luminescent materials, magnetic materials, rare earth hydrogen storage, series of lithium battery materials and other new energy materials. Currently, we have a total of 14 branches and holding subsidiaries involving in tungsten mining, tungsten smelting, cemented carbide, tungsten and molybdenum wire, rare earth mining, rare earth smelting and processing, international trade, real estate development and so on. We have created a complete industrial chain ranging from tungsten and molybdenum mining to smelting, deep processing, and recovery of secondary tungsten and molybdenum resources, and formed a relatively complete rare earth industry system covering mining of rare earth mines, smelting, processing, new rare earth materials, scientific research and application. Our production capacity of tungsten smelting products reaches 22,000tons and ranks the first in the world. We are China’s largest manufacturer and exporter of ammonium paratungstate, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, and tungsten carbide powder; and our export volume of cemented alloys accounts for 31% that of China; and the output and sales volume of tungsten and molybdenum wires occupy over 60% that of the whole country. We are accelerating deep processing and strive to become China’s most important precision cutting tool manufacturer during the 12th five-year plan period.

      In recent years, we have developed and implemented a strategic planning of “dominated by tungsten industry, supplemented by molybdenum and new energy material”; and have been actively developing new material industry including rare earth while expanding and consolidating the market status of tungsten and molybdenum industry. So far, we have become a key enterprise of China’s battery material industry. We currently boast a production capacity of 5,000 tons of hydrogen storage alloy powder and 10,500 tons of various lithium-ion cathode materials. The production and sales volumes of our battery material have ranked in the top three in China; while the market share of hydrogen storage alloy powder has topped the domestic market for three continuous years.

      The company began to get involved in the rare earth industry since 2006, has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, including the completion of the hydrogen storage alloy, rare earth luminescent materials, rare earth, rare earth magnetic materials R & D center a total of four rare earth production line. The company is now with 5000 tons of 15 kinds of rare earth separation, 2000 tons of rare earth metals, 2000 tons of high purity rare earth oxides, 1600 tons of trichromatic fluorescent powder production line, 6000 tons of neodymium iron boron magnetic materials (the first phase of 3000 tons) production line, equipment level of ranking the leading domestic. In the Fujian Province government and Longyan municipal government, Sanming City government support, company and Longyan city government, Sanming municipal government established a joint venture by Xiamen tungsten holding rare earth development company, unified development and utilization of Longyan, Sanming two rare earth mineral resources, Xiamen tungsten bigger future to source new material industry provides a reliable resource protection.

      Xiamen tungsten since its inception has been focusing on technology development, established the national enterprise technology center and National Tungsten Materials Engineering and technology center, brings together a number of related industry experts, engaged in research work. With the rapid development of technology, and strive to occupy the commanding heights, and constantly improve the industrial structure, cultivate new growth points, enhance the sustainable development of enterprises, to build the international first-class company the most competitive, and make unremitting efforts.