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    Company Honor

    In 2014, the company in the "tungsten" the tungsten rod "and other five national standards revision work validation will undertake revision of 5 national standards smoothly through the examination and approval.

      In 2014, the company was awarded the "national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau of the people's Republic of China Weapons and equipment research and production license".

      In 2012, the company "HongBo brand electric vacuum electric light source of tungsten and molybdenum materials" and won the title of brand-name products in Sichuan province.

      In 2012, the company won the General Armament Department equipment contractor qualification certificate.

      In 2010, the company won the General Armament Department of military electronic components development contractor qualification review group recommended registration.

      In 2008, state 173 factory to the company sent a congratulatory message, thank materials provided by the company to ensure the success of the national first lunar exploration program.

      On 2007, Chengdu company was officially recognized as the Chengdu municipal technology center.

      In 2007, the company officially made the "national military electronic equipment research and production license".

      In 2005, the company "HongBo brand electric vacuum electric light source of tungsten and molybdenum materials" won the "Sichuan famous brand" title.

      In 2003, the company was ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system certification.

      In 1998, the company received China CEPREI Quality Certification Center ISO9002: 1994 quality certification, is a domestic with the industry's first won the card unit.

      In 1995, the company was the Ministry of electronics industry awarded the "excellent enterprise" title.

      In 1989, the company won the quality management award of Ministry of electronics industry.

      In 1985, the company "polished tungsten rod, NJB - 501 type tungsten heater" won the title of provincial quality products; mol ouside 0.1 0.l5 line cutting, and and WAL2 (L) - 15 - 200W ordinary tungsten series of national electronic industry department quality products certificate.

      In 1985, the company introduced advanced equipment and technology of tungsten production line from li-hope company, a major technological transformation of the factory.

      In 1984, the company was Chinese electronic devices corporation named energy-saving advanced enterprises.

      In 1984, the company "HongBo" brand WAL-2-T 40 Watt fluorescent lamp tungsten wins silver medal, the prize for Industry Awards only the highest quality.