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    Company History

     "August 2014," "tungsten tungsten rod" 5 national standards revision examination will be held in Chengdu. The company undertakes 5 national standards revised smoothly through the examination.

      On January 2, 2013, the company invented patent "Diamond rectangular micropore mould hole polishing method", "a pre pressure method of granulation preparation of crude molybdenum powder particles" access to the State Intellectual Property Office authorized.

      In September 13, 2012 2012, the company won the top 100 enterprises in Chengdu.

      In August 2012, the company was named Chengdu City, new materials enterprises in Chengdu City Economic and Information Technology Commission, and ranks among the 2012 annual Chengdu key new materials enterprises.

      On January 19, 2011, company "a controlling molybdenum belt width tolerances device" and the constant linear speed control of tungsten and molybdenum wire drawing device, two national patent application, approved by the State Intellectual Property Office.

      On September 7, 2010, General Armament Department of military electronic components bearing research contractor qualification group on the company's military management and scientific research and production system for a comprehensive inspection, the recommended registration.

      In May 2009, the company products included in the Chengdu City BrandName recommended directory.

      In December 2008, the construction company technology center by the provincial technical center certification.

      In August 2008, the first company to obtain the national patent application, marking the company to further improve the development of science and technology innovation ability.

      On December 3, 2007, Chengdu company was officially recognized as the Chengdu municipal technology center.

      In June 11, 2007, the company officially achieved national military product quality system certification.

      The year 2005 the company achieved sales revenue 272 million yuan, profit of 18 million 40 thousand yuan..

      In September 2005, the company relocation project building basically completed, the first batch of pre general equipment relocation and installation, marking the company's relocation project officially started. In October, Germany imported eighteen tube reduction furnace into the factory acceptance, installation and implementation of the new power system; operation success, natural gas reforming system in normal operation, the hydrogen purity requirements, marking the company's power supply capacity already have a relocation of equipment debugging and operating capacity; canteen officially put into use in November 28th, the company issued relocation; node plan, determine the relocation work schedule and resume production plan. At the end of 11, the company officially launched the factory production line relocation, relocation started; December, the early completion of the relocation of the part of the production line to achieve the local debugging, local started trial production; computer network, L2 phone system at the end of the company new factory completed commissioning and put into use.

      November 2005, to complete the enterprise legal address registration change, L2 months to get the land use right certificate.

      In February 1, 2004, the company achieved national military research project officially approved by the Ministry of information industry.

      In May 9, 2004, 13 Japanese companies and Joint Materials Corporation jointly set up the Chengdu Lianhong molybdenum Co. Ltd. signed officially established, marking the enterprise product structure adjustment began.

      2004 June 9 and August 9, the company and the United States ha Bo company and Germany Ailinuo on molybdenum converter and molybdenum 18 tube reduction technology and equipment introduced project reached a formal agreement to introduce, marking the formal implementation of the strategic plan of the enterprise stride forward to the international most advanced molybdenum processing enterprises.

      In July 2004, the company started production of molybdenum chemical project.

      In July 2004, the company new economic responsibility system implemented in two pilot plant, enterprise management mode change to scientific and institutionalized.

      In December 2004, the company economic benefits to create the best level in history, achieved sales revenue of 1.6L billion yuan, profit of 8 million 320 thousand yuan, and realized the loss of business for all.

      In March 2003, the company made a successful test of molybdenum reduction equipment, 25 kg, root strip production technology for the unique industry.

      In May 2003, the company formally approved the new version of IS09002--2000 quality system certification.

      In July 2003, China Zhenhua Group to our company sent a letter of thanks, for my company to provide product support for the Shenzhou 5 manned spacecraft successfully launched thanks.

      On November 26, 2003, company relocation project foundation stone laying ceremony in Longquanyi District, Chengdu City National Economic and Technological Development Zone enterprises new site. Vice mayor Zhu Zhihong and the old leader of the company representatives, staff representatives, representatives of the shareholders attended the ceremony.

      In December 10, 2003, technical feasibility report, the military project by experts.

      In December 2003, according to the decision of the conference, President of Xiamen tungsten Co., Ltd, Xiamen tungsten tungsten and molybdenum materials division was established, the company will market sales department, Department of materials and finished products warehouse, main raw material scrap sales business was placed under the tungsten and molybdenum materials division management.

      In December 2003 2003, the company achieved sales revenue of 109 million 840 thousand yuan, an increase of 30.7%, for the first time exceeded billion yuan, hit the highest level in the history of entrepreneurship.

      In 2002, the company officially launched the "4621" development strategy, planning the company with an annual output of 400 tons of tungsten and molybdenum products, 600 tons of nickel products 200 tons, 100 tons of Du Meisi.

      In January 18, 2001, the company made a formal group member of China lighting association.

      In August 26, 2001, the company has obtained the qualification of export enterprises IS09002 certification review certification and national certificate.

      In October 2001, all rely on hydrogen recovery device of the technical strength of the self completed and successful operation, fully embodies the enterprise technical strength and independent innovation ability.

      In August 1999, the company completed part of the production and operation of non stripping, approved by the state owned assets restructuring leading group, Chengdu Hongbo Industrial Development Corporation and the restructuring is completed by the Chengdu Municipal Trade and Industry registered as a separate legal entity.

      On June 9, 1998, by the Guangdong CEPREI quality certification body check, the company obtained the IS0 - k001 quality certification, the domestic industry is the only first obtain certification of enterprises.

      On August 8, 1998, Saibao quality certification center to the company awarded the national recognition of the "international forum for multilateral recognition agreement" (IAF/MIA) group to recognize the quality system certification.

      In November 17, 1998, Chengdu City Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau finds that the company "HongBo" brand trademark is well-known trademarks in Chengdu city.

      In October 17, 1997, the second session of the board of directors approved capital increase plan.

      In April 27, 1996, the company of the three general meeting of shareholders to supplement Xiamen tungsten products factory Liu Tonggao, Wang Jining as a director of the company; the first five meetings of the board of directors, the addition of Liu Tonggao as vice chairman.

      In March 18, 1995, the company "eight five" project - vertical melting machine officially ignition operation.

      On May 18, 1995, the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, long Li Peiyao rate State Economic Restructuring Commission, the national Ministry of labor, the office of the National People's congress hall units and inspect the work of the company.

      On June 1, 1995, the board of directors, chairman and general manager Yin Fawen and representatives of Xiamen tungsten products factory on behalf of Liu Tonggao, officially reached Xiamen tungsten products factory to invested 20 million yuan agreement.

      In June 30, 1995, the 30 anniversary of the construction business conference and HongBo second games at the Chenghua District stadium, a total of more than 2000 people participated in track and field events 9.

      In January 31, 1994, Chengdu Hongbo Industrial Co. Ltd. was formally established.

      In June 23, 1994, a company held the first party congress.

      In May 27, 1994, Chengdu City cerium tungsten new products through new product technical supervisor.

      March 3, 1993, approved by the Chengdu City Commission approved, enterprises begin to stock reorganization and joint-stock company preparatory work.

      In October 1993, the enterprise full implementation of the labor contract system.

      In February 1992, the economic scale of enterprises achieve a breakthrough first, total industrial output value, sales revenue, profits and taxes, profit four index is Sichuan Province Economic Commission jointly assessed l991 annual provincial l00 state-owned camp best enterprises in large and medium-sized enterprises; Ministry of machinery and electronics, national unity plan bureau listed as National 500 largest electric machinery and equipment manufacturing in the 84th.

      In April 1992, the enterprise and the Xiamen tungsten product factory, Hong Min enjoy investment company jointly formed a Sino foreign joint venture "Xiamen Honglu Tungsten & Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd.".

      In June 1, 1992, the natural gas conversion project of hydrogen formal acceptance by the state, the end of the 25 years for enterprises rely on hydrogen production history.

      In July 1991, the company won the "national quality award".

      In May 1990, by the Sichuan Association of enterprise culture in the enterprise culture construction achievements inspection, our factory enterprise culture construction model and experience with "Changhong model" and "Changgang mode" tied for the "Oriental electric material model.

      In June 1990, the first factory enterprise song "HongBo song" was born.

      In August 3, 1990, the natural gas conversion from engineering part of the ignition operation in December 26th through the contract acceptance, has become the only independent hydrogen supply system of the domestic enterprises in the same industry.

      In March 7, 1989, the chief engineer of Comrade Gui Yunqiu was named "the three eight red banner pacesetter".

      November 14, 1989, by the national quality of tungsten filament detection, the factory l5W, 60W, 100W lamp tungsten wire quality won first prize of outstanding, 500W iodine tungsten filament, 40W fluorescent lamp filament and obtain single quality outstanding award.

      By December 1989, enterprises rely on their own technical strength imitation line technology introduced in Britain to make two units of reduction furnace trial success and put into trial production, marking the introduction of enterprise technology began to realize localization.

      On January 1988 L5, enterprise introduction line project "key technology and equipment of tungsten production line by the state.

      In June 20, 1988, two enterprises through the national level enterprise evaluation, for the domestic industry in the first two companies won the national title of the enterprise.

      In August 29, 1988, the first factory officially renamed the "state-owned Chengdu Dongfang Electronic Materials Factory, second factory name and mail code unchanged.

      In October 1988, the Eleventh National Congress of trade unions China recognition, the ACFTU awarded the enterprise "model workers" honorary title.

      In December 28, 1988, technological transformation of tungsten heater skein production line officially passed the acceptance.

      In March 12, 1987, the "HongBo" began the trial wave.

      In May 7, 1987, the factory introduction of "line" project acceptance. Provincial and municipal leaders attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. Provincial and municipal major news media reported, marking the domestic electric vacuum production equipment, electric light source materials technology reached the international eighty years, domestic and Asia's most advanced level.

      In April 13, 1986, the British li-hope company sent the installation and commissioning of imported equipment.

      In April 28, 1986, the first factory of track and field sports will be held in a grand total of L3, entries, workers l241 people took part in the sports meeting.

      March 22, 1985, enterprises and England 's a apt to tungsten wire rod production line formally signed equipment, technology import contracts.

      July 26, 1985, according to the Ministry of electronics industry (85) electric characters No. 1038 the Sichuan government (1985) No. 119, enterprise officially delegated Chengdu, enterprise level set as the divisional level.

      In November 25, 1985, WRe - 3Re and WRe - enterprise 5Re tungsten rhenium wire through the Ministry of electronics devices and company identification.

      In December 1985, by the Sichuan Provincial gauge ECE evaluation, polished tungsten rod, NJB - 501 type tungsten heater won the provincial title of quality products; mol ouside 0.1 0.l5 line cutting, and and WAL2 (L) - 15 - 200W ordinary tungsten series of national electronic industry department quality products certificate.

      In April 1984, the first session of the conference on science and technology enterprises held factory Association Committee was formally established.

      In August 10, 1984, the British li-hope company technical director Mr. Ricci a visit to the factory on the tungsten production line equipment, the introduction of technology to negotiate and reach an agreement, the enterprise "imported" project officially implemented.

      August 31, 1984, the factory "HongBo" brand WAL-2-T type 40 Watt fluorescent lamp tungsten wins silver medal, the prize for Industry Awards only the highest quality.

      In September 1983, twenty-five enterprises WLA-2 Vappu filament lamps, provincial quality products award. MO1 WEDM molybdenum wire, won the provincial quality award.

      In May 1982, the enterprise product formally identified as the "HongBo" brand registered trademark. Registered in April 1979, the "red wave" brand trademark shall be invalidated.

      In April 1980, four improved prize achievements by the national major technical director of the life of the cathode material of nickel tungsten magnesium based metal.

      In July 1979, tungsten - rhenium alloy wire products won the two prize of achievement of science and Technology Ministry of machine. Ultra-fine tungsten wire production stereotypes, won the two prize for scientific and technological achievements of four.

      In August 1977, the factory of nickel tungsten magnesium (tape and pipe) new alloy cathode material, third-prize won the State Science and technology commission.

      In July 1972, the founding editor of plant science and Technology Department "tungsten molybdenum material". The publication for the most authoritative academic journals and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.

      On September 16, 1969, factory "6895 project special thoriated tungsten rhenium wire successfully trial produced and when completed production of stereotypes, marking the enterprises in the first domestic production of thorium tungsten rhenium wire products.

      On July 5, 1965, four five factory relocation tasks are completed and passed the national acceptance, given on 5 July held ceremony, marks the company formally established.

      On September 26, 1964, Fourth National Ministry of machinery industry (64) of the word 4686, paper issued "on the 776 material factory branch independent for four five factory and 77 four factory tungsten-molybdenum branch and to four five factory orders", "according to the working conference of the Central Committee and national defense industry conference spirit, in order to adjust industrial layout. And improve the degree of specialization of the existing enterprises. And decided by the research department: 776 material factory branch is separated from July sixth factory become independent specialized factory, factory name 'southwest state special material factory', codenamed plant for 'the state four five factory', and 77 four factory tungsten-molybdenum branch all of them (including non ferrous metal material processing) of equipment, equipment, tooling, raw materials, semi-finished products, technical information and other relevant personnel relocated to four five factory. " Therefore, four five factory using original 776 material factory branch factory building and make full use of the Marco Polo Bridge four factory relocation of equipment, instruments, and continued and expansion into the Ministry of machinery industry the first independent production of electric vacuum devices with metal structural materials of professional chemical factory.