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    About Us

      Chengdu Hongbo Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Hongbo, formerly known as the State-run 745th Factory) was established in 1965, restructured as a joint stock company in 1994 and then became a holding subsidiary of Xiamen Tungsten in 1998. Now, Hongbo has more than 660 employees enrolled, covers an area of 420mu, and owns a wholly-owned subsidiary and a Sino-Japanese joint venture. Hongbo is mainly engaged in the production and operation of tungsten, molybdenum and composite metals, which are chiefly used in electric vacuum, electric light source, photovoltaic, LED, high temperature equipment, medical equipment, weapon equipment as well as aviation, aerospace, chemical, and nuclear industry. Hongbo boasts a complete industrial chain, powerful technical strength, strong innovation ability, high brand recognition, and a complete range of varieties and specification, and is a major supplier of tungsten and molybdenum products at home and abroad.

      Hongbo is the registered trademark of our products. We have a good enterprise management foundation and a sound quality assurance system. We obtained the ISO9002:1994 Quality Management System certification from China Ceprei Quality Certification Center in August 1998, which was the first among the peers; then obtained the ISO9001:2000 version Quality Assurance System certification certificate in May 2003; our Hongbo Electric Vacuum Electric Light Source Tungsten and Molybdenum Material won the title of Sichuan Famous Brand Product in December 2005; and we won the certificate of Military Product Quality Management System Certification, the confidentiality qualification unit certificate as a national defense weaponry research and production unit as well as military electronic equipment research and production license in April 2007. Moreover, we also had won 6 national patents and an international patent from 2011 to 2013.

      We have advantages in the aspects of talent, technology, quality, variety and scale. Furthermore, we are the chairman unit of China Electronics Material Industry Association and Branch of Special Materials, vice chairman unit of China Tungsten Industry Association Material Committee and the drafter unit of national standards, industry standards and military standards.

      Thanks to the superior product quality, first-class services, reasonable prices and good reputation, our products are widely used by domestic and foreign customers. We are willing to provide you with excellent products and service wholeheartedly.