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      Chengdu Rainbow wave Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd is implementation Xiamen tungsten group corporation strategic objectives, and to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Chengdu Rainbow Wave Industrial Co., Ltd., belong to state-owned enterprises, the registered capital of 70 million yuan. Company on May 19, 2005 registered settled Qingbaijiang Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 90 acres, and Sichuan shuanhua group, Yulong chemical, Chengdu bridge factory adjacent, and close to railway port and logistics base, occupy the advantage in transportation.

      The main products of two ammonium molybdate, seven ammonium molybdate, high pure molybdenum trioxide. For electronic industrial raw materials, powder metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, catalyst, fuel, ink, paint and other industries. Products are mainly sold to the parent company of Chengdu and the country and exported abroad.

      Company has an annual output of 6000 tons of ammonium molybdate production capacity, the domestic with the industry's most advanced equipment, production process by Xiamen tungsten group's unique ion exchange method, high degree of automation, in the country in the leading position. Company employees 150 people, college degree or above personnel 28, intermediate level occupation qualification personnel and technical personnel titles 40.

      October 2015