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    Talent strategy

      First, the concept of employment:

      Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, give full scope to the talents" employment concept, committed to through continuous absorption, internal training, to motivate employees, so as to enhance the employee task, to culture, training the employees, and feelings to retain employees, employees continue to inspire the enthusiasm and creativity, create a harmonious and efficient management team, technical team and teams of workers, to promote the company strategic transformation to provide the guarantee of human resources, to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees.

      Two, we choose the standard selection:

      In Germany for the first, for this, professional dedication, positive enterprising, honest and impartial;

      Take it up and put it down, well done;

      Three, talent development strategy:

      The company is committed to the development of a tungsten molybdenum material processing international and professional manufacturing enterprises. Has a good attraction through continuous exploration, construction of the organization system, talent development platform and a harmonious working atmosphere, focus on staff training and development potential. We are determined to put the general staff to the training of professional personnel, professional talent training talents. Everyone is a talent, who can help, every employee in the rainbow talent achievement dream.

      Four, salary system:


      Chengdu Rainbow wave implementation Xiamen tungsten regional compensation standard, the company service qualification system, based on the implementation of the job skills wage system. The basic principle of salary system is through the assessment of the value of positions, and the combination of personal skills and performance, with reference to the market level determine salary.


      The company to each employee to provide perfect welfare system, provide convenience and guarantee for the working life of employees, to improve staff's quality of work and life. The employee welfare can be obtained as follows:


      contents of a project

      Basic welfare

      Medical insurance, pension insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, serious illness supplementary insurance, personal accident insurance, provident fund, enterprise annuity;

      fringe benefit

      Lunch subsidies, shuttle bus, dormitory / housing subsidies, holiday fee (Spring Festival, may day and national day), summer cooling costs, 6-8 million interest free loans to purchase, birthday sympathy (gold), paid annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, labor insurance overalls, short-term training, headquarters of learning.