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    Working in HongBo

      Full name:Peng Minggao

      date of birth:1980.08

      Plant age:11year

      Factory time:2004.04

      Present post:financial manager

      Graduate School:Southwest University of Science and Technology


      Speech:Prior to do in life, financial work must diligently, carefully, and a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission; to strengthen the financial, must develop its own long-term planning, along this direction, firmly down. At the same time, constitutes a long-term goal to rely on one short-term goal, accumulated bit by bit, do not be too ambitious; a farming altar a harvest, as long as you pay no less than any human effort, adhere to the own goal, continuous learning progress, will certainly be able to achieve the success you want in the rainbow wave。

      Full name:Wang Yi

      date of birth:1988.12

      Plant age:3year

      Factory time:2012.07

      Present post:Manufacturing two process engineer

      Graduate School:Sichuan University

      major:materials chemistry

      Speech:Work for more than three years, I do not know when I have from the sentimental students change become a member of the enterprise, completed the transition from "man of the school" to "social man". Three years, different people in different times have different effects on me. I'm going to do a play of Sichuan adults, company leaders Hu told me that pot in a bowl only, Lei leadership told me locked in Sichuan Education of President Xie Heping. The greater a person's ability, the greater the responsibility. I hope for many years to have the opportunity to hear people say to me: Wang Shixiong, you go on, by you. This sentence will be my future in rainbow wave struggle goal。

      Full name:Zhang Qiu

      date of birth:1992.09

      Plant age:0.5year

      Factory time:2015.07

      Present post:Manufacturing two process technicians - Internship

      Graduate School:Sichuan University

      major:Materials science and Engineering

      Speech:As a new student, in the cultivation of the company Mentor Program, the fledgling I both in process equipment or production has been to improve the quality of management. Standardization of the company, the management of human nature so that I deeply appreciate the company's advanced nature and standardization. Company leadership and colleagues to give my work guidance, life care, let me feel the home warm; departments to give my training and development platform, stimulate the my enthusiasm for work and what to expect in the future. If you want to become a maxima, rainbow wave company must be your dream bole, I am Cho Chang, I am from Sichuan, welcome to join rainbow wave family.