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    welcome! 2015 New Students Join Hongbo family

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      July 17, 2015 the company Hongbo New Students successfully completed orientation, opening the first step in their careers.

      At the meeting on the 17th, the administrative vice president Chen Gao You, vice president of technology and new high-concept gold into college students face to face communication. College students through self PPT, report to the leadership training experience, and presented their career planning. President Chen and the high total for each student listened carefully elaborated, giving deep review, and their future put forward ardent expectations.

      This year, the company's new tactics eight graduates, who had come from all parts of the rainbow wave, ready to open a new chapter of life here. To allow them to quickly become familiar with and integration into the rainbow wave, identify workplace roles, HR arranged a week-long new employee orientation, human resources, labor union office, business management, production management department, quality control and other departments personnel were conducted on college students training company rules, personnel system, quality management, safety in production, ERP and other content. Through content-rich courseware to explain and vivid case to explain, for new college students have an objective for the future and a clear career development rainbow wave of understanding.

      The training content is rich, extensive coverage, new employees are better able to understand the company culture, familiar with all aspects of the company. Through this training, college students taken the first step from the "school" to "workplace" change. Here we bless new colleagues in rainbow wave careers have a good start, expect them to grow up with rainbow wave, a total of progress!

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