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    The company organized to celebrate founding Festival

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      To meet the 94 anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, the Party Work Department on the afternoon of June 30, the second conference room in an office building, the company organized a celebration July activities. New members of the company nearly three years of development, party activists, "four" branch secretary and part of the "four excellent" party on behalf of a total of 21 participants.

      On the day, the venue layout solemn flag hanging in front of participants were wearing party emblem. The meeting will begin by the high party secretary Chen tour speech, he said he hoped that through this commemoration, to remind you to keep in mind the party's purpose, to carry forward the Party's fine traditions, does not live up to expectations of the party organizations, to redouble their efforts in their respective positions, and give full play their vanguard exemplary role, worthy of the glorious title of Communist Party members!

      Then, join the party swearing-in ceremony was held. Under the leadership of the Party Work Department Director, new members for the flag solemn oath: "for the communist struggle for life, ready to sacrifice everything for the party and people, and never betray the Party."

      Then, enter tells party links. Work Department Minister Chen Qiong party committee to "review the party's history" in the title, and we learn together the party's knowledge, review major events took place in the party various historical stages.

      The training, all the staff are attentive, careful records. After the lectures the training, also carried out Responder knowledge contest. They enthusiastically raised their hands, positive answer, the correct answer to gain everyone's applause, and gain a small prize.

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