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    Director of training courses in order Hongbo smooth opening

    Number of visits: Date:2015-05-05

      April 26 afternoon, sponsored by the Institute of Xiamen Tungsten, HR hosted rainbow wave order in the company in charge of training the smooth opening function rooms. This year, Xiamen Tungsten college in order for rainbow wave directors will conduct three training, this is the first phase of training.

      A total of four days training period, around the production management and quality management, from the Institute of Xiamen Tungsten trainer team Pan Xiaofeng, Liubi Jian, Zhang Rongzhen and Wang Ailian other teachers for teaching. Alternating lectures from theory courses and practical courses in two ways, both aimed at introducing management theory and experience, but also by lecturers and students live together in-depth "work together" to help students solve real work problems, to "learning by doing" the purpose. The training activities have been strongly supported by company leadership.

      Participate in the training of 72 participants were from companies dry, department backbone and core technical staff. They were divided into eight groups, including odd to combat groups involved throughout the training course; even the array is set to attend, participate only in theory courses. The training process has strict penalties incentive mechanism, you train teachers to rate based on the participation of the teams, the answer, the scoring results as the basis for one after training and competitions.

      April 26 afternoon ice-breaking activities, combat group set student team name, team logo and team song for his group, and by viewing games, breaking the barriers between students, enhance the sense of team.

      April 30 morning, training summary closes. Each combat group practical exercise in this group show results through a slide show by company executives as the judges score each group reporting on results. After the end of the results show, company executives made an important speech, respectively, of the training activities in the affirmative, and the future of the company in terms of quality, ERP management improvements made requests. Finally, Zhang Jianxin, general manager of the company based training first - Manufacturing manager Xiaojun Hu led a "prairie fire team" participants were awarded prizes. 11:30, company executives and combat all students group photo in front of the office building, training activities oriented to a successful conclusion.

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