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    Tungsten and Molybdenum
    High density tungsten crucible is uniform, guarantee a important component of stability; high temperature deformation resistance of tungsten rod heating body excellent performance is important to ensure the stability of the thermal field。
    Molybdenum Products
    Chengdu Rainbow wave company to molybdenum concentrate began to produce high quality ammonium molybdate, in the success of the improved process for producing doped molybdenum, molybdenum, in 2005 again the high starting point of the production line technological transformation, using the advanced "ion exchange process, has many unique high-quality molybdenum acid ammonium production technology, the introduction of the United States ha Bo company molybdenum converter and Germany Ailinuo company 18 tube reduction furnace large technology production equipment, stride forward to the international advanced molybdenum processing enterprises。
    Tungsten Products
    Chengdu Rainbow wave company by doped blue tungsten, tungsten carbide powder, high power programmable vertical sinter, world-class kocks mill billet, tungsten rod welding, high-frequency continuous annealing, tungsten rod series, multi-mode continuous wire drawing and other international advanced technology, the production of high temperature resistant, anti sag, shock resistance, folding resistance, wire wound performance good, uniform diameter, stable performance of tungsten wire, rod products. According to the different needs of different customers, the lamp types, according to the requirements of different grades, and。
    Industrial hydrogen (quality) GB/T 3634.1-2006; pure hydrogen: GB/T 3634.2-2011 Chengdu Hongguang industrial Limited by Share Ltd exported 99.99% pure hydrogen and hydrogen industrial hydrogen, strict implementation of national air quality standards in terms of quality, production strictly in accordance with the hydrogen production quality system; with the special hydrogen chromatographic analysis instrument, dew point detection and at any time the tracking of product quality。