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    Advanced equipment Ltd.

      1、Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

      Model:AAnalyst700 (PerkinElmer)

      Characteristic:The instrument performance is very good, and has stable and reliable flame system and excellent performance of graphite furnace system. Equipped with automatic sample injector. Can be used for quantitative determination of the contents of iron, zinc, lead, cadmium, chromium, manganese, copper, barium, aluminum, beryllium, silver, cobalt, calcium, magnesium, selenium, arsenic, potassium, sodium, nickel metal elements in various liquid and solid samples or the environment. Fire system: 5 ppm Cu solution determination value of% RSD value is less than or equal to 0.3. 5ppmCu the absorbance of a value greater than or equal to 0.25Abs; atomic absorption baseline noise SD value < 0.001; deducting background noise baseline SD values <0.005; graphite furnace system: Cu noise limit limit value is less than or equal to 0.005Abs; Cu limit noise standard deviation is less than or equal 0.0004Abs; CD quality characteristic value <1pg; CD quality characteristic value determination precision% RSD values < 2; automatic into the injector linear correlation coefficient >0.9990

      2、Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)

      Model:iCAP 6300(Thermo)

      Characteristic:Compact instrument. Using direct coupling and frequency impedance control combined with a balanced driving circuit, the plasma is more susceptible to ignition, more types of samples can be analyzed, including organic solvent has been more difficult to analyze, even environmental conditions have changed, but also to maintain the best plasma stability. Full band coverage, the theory on spectrometer can be between determination in the periodic table of the elements in C, N, AR, O, H 75 elements, and the determination of element detection limit between AAS by flame and graphite furnace method. Compared with the methods of flame AAS detection lower limit, compared to a graphite furnace method detection limit high. Generally measured as a few tens of ug/L to several hundred ug/ml;

      3、Laser particle size analyzer

      Model:Mastersizer 2000 with 2000MU Hydro wet sample dispersion device(malvern)

      Characteristic:Mastersizer 2000 Particle size measurement by laser diffraction technique. Particle size measurement is done by measuring the intensity of scattered light when the laser beam passes through the scattered particles. And then the data are used to analyze and calculate the particle size distribution of the formation of the scattering spectrum. Laser particle size analyzer Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction is a perfect combination of advanced technology and highly practical conventional particle characterization. The instrument adopts full automatic operation, capable of measuring the powder, suspended matter and emulsion, and according to standardized procedures to obtain the reliable measurement results. Size measurement range from 0.02-2000 microns。

      4、Apparatus for measuring carbon and sulfur


      Characteristic:CS600 on using a combination of today's most advanced combustion and infrared detection technology, can be more accurate, precise, convenient and flexible analysis of steel, cast iron, iron alloy, titanium alloy, nickel base alloy, high temperature alloy, carbide, ceramic / sand / glass, limestone and so on various inorganic material of carbon and sulfur. Has the advantages of high accuracy, high stability, fast analysis time, the analysis of low cost, low failure rate, can meet the needs of the largest live 24 hours of continuous operation workload analysis, maintenance, and easy to upgrade. Catalytic conversion of CO to CO2, online SO3 trapping and exhaust gas analysis without Co, SO2 emissions of toxic and harmful gases, ensure laboratory personnel safety and environmental protection.


      5、Nitrogen and oxygen analyzer


      Characteristic:TC600 uses a new solid-state infrared detector and thermal conductivity detector, can accurate and precise measurements of the level to ppm. Pulse powerful electrode furnace can adopt power, current, and temperature control, step heating function separation of oxides and nitrides form. Use based on Windows operating system, a correction parameter setting simple, with advanced diagnostic capabilities, flexible reporting format, the data processing function. A variety of specifications of the graphite crucible available to all kinds of varieties of materials analysis can obtain the best results。