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    R & D capability

      Thanks to the powerful scientific research strength, our company has been successively recognized as Sichuan Innovation Pilot Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. Currently, we have more than 170 professional technology management personnel, around 80 of which hold an intermediate or senior title. Moreover, our production facilities are advanced. We have state-of-the-art production technology devices introduced from Germany and the USA, independent highly energy-efficiency guaranteed natural gas-to-hydrogen system and power supply system. In terms of scale, our company also ranks the forefront in China. Moreover, we are the chairman unit of China Electronics Material Industry Association and Branch of Special Materials and the drafter unit of national standards and military standards. So far, we have completed the drafting and revision of more than 20 standards, the R&D of over 30 national, provincial and ministry-level scientific research tasks, having filled up the domestic blank. And in terms of patent,Won 6 patents and 2 patent application acceptance.

      We integrate external resources, combine market demands, and realize the most efficient technological achievement transformation through Industry-Study-Research cooperation. We are cooperating with the Northeastern University, Sichuan University, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and other universities: Northeastern University provides technical theories, cutting-edge technological dynamics and other support for the Technology Center; and the technology center takes the lead to provide some test equipment for Sichuan University and Xihua University and internship places for students graduated from Sichuan University and Xihua University.